Commercial Water Softening Customer

Commercial Water Softening at Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
Lewisville, Texas


Holiday Inn replaced 2 sets of re-circulation pumps for their boiler within 2 years, consequently costing them a total of $3000. These pumps continuously circulate hot water throughout the large hotel. Since hot water can accelerates scale build-up, hard water was causing equipment malfunction and damage. Gene Smith, our contact with Holiday Inn was familiar with Culligan, since it is a well-known brand and called us to see if we could solve his problem.


Prevent scale build-up through water softening.

Water Softening Equipment Installed

  • Side-Mount Water Softeners


  • This customer has experienced extensive benefits beyond the solution to the original problem.
  • “At current gas price levels of $1.00/therm, it costs us about $95 to heat 10,000 gallons of water. Without our water Softening equipment this would be in the range of $119,” contends Gene Smith.
  • Monthly calculated savings of $720 which more than pays for Holiday Inn’s investment in the commercial water treatment equipment and its salt requirement in less than 1-1/2 years.
  • Annual savings of 29% in fuel operating cost for hot water. In addition, saving significant amounts of money by keeping their boilers scale free.
  • Although occupancy has increased 18% over the past 2 years, linen purchases have decreased 19%.
  • Detergent usage in the laundry was reduced by 32%
  • Linens look and feel better
  • Reduced spotting and scaling keeps their property looking sharp
  • No more need to use CLR (acid used to break scale/lime) to clean their showers.
  • Reduction of cleaning time by about 4%
  • They have not installed a replacement pump since the commercial water softeners were installed, over two years ago.

Culligan Advantages

  • Water analysis performed.
  • Sales representative provided research papers on energy savings from New Mexico State University and WQA (Water Quality Association).
  • Sales representative used a consultative sales approach to thoroughly understand the customer’s needs, assess the situation and provide on appropriate commercial water treatment solution.

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