Reverse Osmosis Purified Water at Kelley Williamson Oil
Rockford, Illinois


Kelley Williamson claimed that they had the best coffee in town. When we originally approached them they were using a competitor’s equipment. So, our sales representative asked them questions to explore just how well that existing water treatment equipment was working, and how reliable it was. An opportunity was uncovered. There was a lack of quality with their existing equipment, both in product and in service. The customer wanted a spot-free car wash and better tasting coffee/beverages.


  • The customer agreed to a trial of 4-6 stores, testing our commercial water filter equipment against those of the competitor.
  • A Series reverse osmosis purified water system for car wash; B Series RO for inside stores with carbon and softeners for pre-treatment.
  • We service the inside of the store with a commercial water filter, softening and reverse osmosis
  • They needed reverse osmosis purified water for beverages, coffee and ice machines.
  • Outside, we serviced the car wash with softening for boiler make-up, hot water pre-treatment for RO (spot-free car wash).

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water Equipment Installed

  • Reverse osmosis for water inside store
  • Reverse osmosis with pretreatment in car wash
  • Salt service, preventive maintenance and filter changing


  • Spot-free rinse in car wash. Substantiation of “Best coffee in town” claims
  • Culligan now services 70 stations between Rockford and Madison. In fact, the customer is so pleased that, although the provider of the car wash equipment also provides RO and softeners to all their customers, Kelley Williamson Oil has opted to buy that equipment from Culligan!
  • Energy savings
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Soap/detergent savings

Culligan Advantages

  • Culligan’s success with other similar businesses
  • Well-trained service technicians
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program. A monthly service log is provided to the customer

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