Culligan Reverse Osmosis Purified Water at Kelley Williamson Oil
Rockford, Illinois


Kelley Williamson claimed that they had the best coffee in town. When we originally approached them they were using a competitor’s equipment. So, our sales representative asked them questions to explore just how well that existing water treatment equipment was working, and how reliable it was. An opportunity was uncovered. There was a lack of quality with their existing equipment, both in product and in service. The customer wanted a spot-free car wash and better tasting coffee/beverages.


  • The customer agreed to a trial of 4-6 stores in and around Rockford Illinois, testing Culligan’s commercial water filter equipment against those of the competitor.
  • Our A Series Reverse Osmosis purified water for car washes; B Series RO for inside stores with carbon and softeners for pre-treatment.
  • We service the inside of the store with a commercial water filter, softening and reverse osmosis
  • They needed reverse osmosis purified water for beverages, coffee and ice machines.
  • Outside, we serviced the car wash with softening for boiler make-up, hot water pre-treatment for RO (spot-free car wash).

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water Equipment Installed

  • Reverse osmosis for water inside store
  • Reverse osmosis with pretreatment in car wash
  • Salt service, preventive maintenance and filter changing


  • Spot-free rinse in car wash. Substantiation of “Best coffee in town” claims
  • Culligan now services 70 stations between Rockford and Madison.
  • The customer was so pleased that,  has opted to buy that Culligan reverse osmosis equipment for their car washes, over the water filtration included from the car wash provider.
  • Energy savings
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Soap/detergent savings

Culligan Advantages

  • Culligan’s success with other similar businesses
  • Well-trained service technicians
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program. A monthly service log is provided to the customer

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