Treasure Island Casino Commercial Water Softeners

Treasure Island Casino had recently purchased a triplex softener system and was asked to be a test site for the Culligan MVP controller. The customer was interested in the new controller because it offered ease of programming; with the push of a button, all of the commercial water softeners take on the same setting. Treasure Island had a relatively new softener system with older controls, so as part of the field test, we upgraded the Treasure Island system with MVP (in 2002).

Mike Siegfried had heard about brine reclaim technology from another company, who touted a possible 15% – 20% in softener salt savings. Since mike was interested in saving money on salt and asked Culligan for information on their brine reclaim system.


Treasure Island Resort and Casino
Red Wing, MN


Culligan offered Treasure Island Casino the opportunity to, once again, be a test site – this time, for Culligan’s new brine reclaim kit. Mike was able to try the product for 3 months, with a predicted  30% savings in water softener salt.

Equipment Installed

  • Commercial Water Softeners
  • Brine reclaim kit


There are 2 areas in the facility that have commercial water softeners: the hotel area and the receiving dock, which feeds the casino and kitchen. Our brine reclaim system was put on the softener for the kitchen. The system used 21,900 lbs. of salt in 8 months, costing 10.25 cents per lb. As a result of the brine reclaim they have been saving 30% of that cost, which equates to $673 for a 6-month period. Mike Siegfried and Larry Biefort can compute the actual savings because the truck that pumps salt into the softener has a scale that can measure the salt usage.

The hotel area of Treasure Island Casino uses 31,000 lbs. of salt per year. They’re considering putting brine reclaim on the hotel softener in addition to the kitchen system, which would result in a total savings of approximately $2,000 annually. Due to these savings, the brine reclaim system could pay for itself in less than 2 years.

Mike likes the fact that one brine reclaim controller feeds all three commercial water softeners and believes it will be dependable over a long period of time.

Advantages of Culligan’s Commercial Water Softeners

  • Localized service
  • Factory support and training
  • The ability of the product to adapt to almost any system.
  • Brine reclaims ROI tool that calculates savings and payback time for the customer.
  • The Culligan sales representative’s expertise in accurately assessing the problem and creating a customized solution that met the customer’s needs.

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