Water can be processed in a way that eradicates even the smallest types of contaminants, and this process produces what is known as high-purity rinse water. Industries such as laboratories, pharmaceuticals, military technology, medical components, and electronics require high-purity rinse water to ensure that the quality of the final product is not comprised.

Such industries demand water that has been diligently filtered and purified so it is categorically pure. Culligan Industrial Water has been specializing in high-purity rinse water processing for over 80 years. We have forged a strong reputation throughout the US, and have established ourselves as the most trusted name within the industry.

How? Because we never skimp on quality and we deliver every single time. Plus, our systems have been honed throughout the years, and now we are without doubt the best on the market. We are adept at purifying water so that it is completely contaminant-free. But, our services don’t just stop there.

Culligan possesses outstanding engineers, and we regularly design & develop systems that thoroughly clean, disinfect and sterilize water to the utmost degree. This guarantees top-quality high purity rinse water. Having high-purity rinse water readily available is not only advantageous – it is often a necessity for a number of specific industries, including the ones listed above.

Culligan is also committed to constructing systems that save money. For example, by creating a system that recycles water, businesses are able to save on expenses every year. Culligan utilizes processes such as reverse osmosis, ultraviolet filtration, and ion exchange to turn used rinse water into a resource that can be reused in other applications.

Culligan Industrial Water cooperates with many standards-setting organizations such as AAMI, ASTM, CLSI, and USP to ensure that the quality of water that is produced exceeds what is required. Culligan is famous for top-quality products, and the high level of service that Culligan offers is unrivaled in the industrial water treatment industry.

It is easy to recognize the quality products and quality services that Culligan provides because many systems that are in place are guaranteed to produce excellent results. Culligan offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our systems.

When you’re in need of high-purity rinse water, don’t hesitate to contact Culligan Industrial Water.

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