High purity rinse water is utilized in manufacturing operations where even the slightest contaminants could alter the chemical makeup or quality of the final product.

Industries That Utilize Contaminant-Free Rinse Water:

  • Electronics
  • Electroplating
  • Medical Components
  • Printing
  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnics
  • Laboratories
  • Aerospace
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Military Technology

Lab Process Water & Rinse Water

Lab process and rinse water have some of the highest standards, requiring water to be stringently filtered and purified. Purification methods include reverse osmosis and ultraviolet filtration. Plating rinse water and water used in the manufacturing of medical components must also be of the highest purity.

When producing rinse water, Culligan systems execute a multiple-process treatment system that produces high-quality water required for specialized applications. High purity water requires an advanced level of purification, where pressurized water passes through a semi-permeable membrane to separate dissolved substances from the water permeate. Culligan’s RO systems are the most effective barrier to salts, micro-contaminants, and organic substances.

Specialized industrial water purification systems are required for producing water that meets the high purity levels demanded by these industries. Culligan’s industrial water treatment experts are experienced in designing high purity water treatment systems capable of producing rinse water, lab water and dialysis water that meets the stringent specifications set forth by the AAMI, ASTM, CLSI (formerly NCCLS), USP and other standards setting organizations. We have the knowledge and expertise to produce the appropriate grade of water for your manufacturing application.

Culligan’s high purity water treatment systems

Culligan’s high purity water treatment systems utilize a multi-filtration process to remove contaminants and, if required, sterilize rinse water. We can design water treatment systems capable of producing high purity water used for rinsing, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. In addition to designing a water treatment system capable of producing high purity water from the tap, the engineers at Culligan Industrial Water also specialize in the development of custom money-saving recycling systems, which utilize processes such as ion exchange, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet filtration to make spent rinse water suitable for reuse in other processes.

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