Industrial Water Reuse Technology

Industrial water reuse technology is being thoroughly explored and developed. Such technologies will relieve stress on existing municipal infrastructures, and will help avoid the additional charges associated with returning ‘used’ water that cities then have to treat.

Water usage for industrial businesses and facilities can be costly. Facilities purchase large quantities of water and are often the highest water consumers of local municipalities. As production expands and increases, so does the need for greater supplies of suitable water. This can be a great strain on local supplies.

Over the past few years, water costs have increased, and this trend is expected to continue. At this juncture, facilities that use large quantities of water are being pressured to find alternatives to control those rising costs.

Here are examples of such alternatives:

  • Reduce water usage;
  • Pay to create more locally sourced water; and/or
  • Find ways to process and reuse already captured water.

Fortunately, these technologies are becoming more advanced every day. Newly engineered industrial water reuse systems are much more efficient and therefore affordable for industries to adopt. The revolutionary modularity of Culligan’s industrial water reuse solutions, provides flexible options for improved ROI.

With an initial on-site water analysis, Culligan engineers select the water treatment modules, materials, and installation options necessary to create the best solutions for your needs. On-site consultations consider the individual production requirements, regulations, budgetary concerns, capital, and operating costs associated with water reuse treatment. Using a Culligan system improves the overall efficiency of your entire manufacturing operation. The unique designs include ways to reuse water for other areas of production, to recycle water back to cooling towers, and to reclaim water used in regeneration with advanced brine reclaim technology.

Culligan industrial water reuse systems use cost-effective operating data logging, remote monitoring, and telemetry to help customers monitor and trend the performance of their water treatment equipment. Contact Culligan Industrial Water today for more information.

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