Commercial Water Filtration

There are many applications for commercial water filtration in the commercial sector. Common uses for industrial water filtration and water purification include:

  • Biofouling Protection
  • Chlorine and Chloramine Removal
  • Corrosion Control
  • Disinfection and Decontamination
  • Final Rinse/Parts Finish Rinse Water
  • High Purity / Ultrapure / Purified Water
  • Process Water Reclaim and Reuse
  • Water Softening

Commercial Water Dealkalizers

Commercial water dealkalizers provide a variety of cost-saving solutions for many other commercial applications as well. Dealkalizers prevent boiler blowouts and help heavy equipment last longer with a specialized cooling water treatment. Dealkalizers help reduce the need for a chemical pre-treatment by providing a more efficient, non-corrosive operation.

Commercial dealkalizers reduce:

  • Alkalinity and sulfates
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Chemical usage
  • Fuel and Operating Costs

Applications include:

  • Boiler Pre-Treatment
  • Heating and Cooling Water Treatment
  • Steam Generation
  • Industries Using Water Dealkalizers
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Car Washes

Commercial Water Filtration

According to a July 2013 report by Freedonia Group, U.S. demand for water filtration equipment is expected to grow 6.0% per annum through 2017.

“Total demand for water treatment equipment in the US is expected to grow 6.0% yearly through 2017, with gains expected in every major market. Advances will be supported by increasing concerns about the health and environmental impacts of biological contaminants, chemicals, and disinfection byproducts in supply water and waste-water, and by more stringent manufacturing requirements for process water. Resource extraction, commercial and residential, and ballast water treatment are expected to be among the fastest growing markets for water treatment equipment, while the larger municipal and manufacturing markets are projected to expand at a healthy, near average rate…” (source: Freedonia Group, July 2013 report)

Read more about the anticipated increase in demand for commercial water filtration equipment in the United States.

Elsewhere in North America, industrial water filtration technologies are being developed to reduce the water footprint of the oil sands industry.

“With one of the largest crude oil reserves in the world, Alberta, Canada is all too familiar with the oil sands industry, especially since the majority of their crude oil comes from the sands. Also mixed in with those oil sands is something that Culligan is all too familiar with… water. Wait, what are oil sands you’re asking? And what do they have to do with Culligan and water? Let us explain…” – (source: Culligan Blog)

Read more about how Culligan is going beyond traditional industrial water filtration to improve the water use problem with oil sands in Alberta.

The articles above offer a few examples of the important role industrial water filtration plays in the commercial sector. Read additional case studies of industrial and commercial water filtration solutions being used by real businesses and manufacturers.

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