Just like the water filter on your kitchen tap has to be replaced when it becomes clogged with contaminants, the water filter media in industrial water filters has to be periodically replaced.

At Culligan Industrial Water we provide top-notch filtration media rebedding services to keep your industrial water filter running at peak performance. Our team of highly-skilled professionals will identify the type of resin bed used in your water filter and advise you on whether resin replacement is necessary. You may have heard that resin (or media) must be physically tested before it is replaced, but often the process of testing resin is more drawn-out and costly than the resin replacement procedure itself.

Filtration Media Rebedding

Filtration media rebedding is typically required every eight-to-thirteen years. This may seem like a large gap, but if you know your water chemistry, the oxidizing content of your water, and other important factors, you will be able to pinpoint a more exact range of time for replacement.

Filter media must function at a high level or the entire sequence will come out of specification. If this happens it could lead to damage on the downstream equipment, and possible manufacturing defects.

The predicted reliable life span of new filter media is simply a potential range. Filtration media may have been exposed to increased degradation or improper regenerations. This is why a quality filtration media rebedding service should be scheduled at regular intervals. Culligan Industrial Water offers filtration services to inspect and rebed the media as required.

Industrial Specialists

Our industrial specialists can provide the right filtration services for your needs, including:  media identification, filter media testing, filter media removal, filter media replacement. We have the right equipment to quickly and properly perform the rebedding of your filtration system, such as:

  • High vacuum removal to our mobile unit and truck
  • Inspection of the media
  • Testing of the media
  • Replacement of the media

Culligan Industrial Water can replace the water filter media in most makes and models of water treatment equipment, even competitor equipment! We utilize advanced pumps and vacuum trucks to extract the resin and water filter media from the filter container. Any gravel within the receptacle is only extracted if necessary, due to the increased risk of damaging the vessel.

After all of the old, broken-down resin and media have been withdrawn, the filtration media rebedding process begins. Our field personnel and service technicians are qualified and highly trained in the installation of new resin, media, and gravel. They will install the new media, refill the resin tank, and return the filter to its former, online status. We’ll even dispose of the old water filter media for you!

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