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Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment

Commercial Industrial Water Treatment

Our state-of-the-art equipment and custom-designed systems target your precise water problems to produce water that meets the following water quality standards:

  • ASTM standards for electronic grade water
  • CAP, ASTM, and NCCLS standards for reagent grade water
  • EPRI and EEI recommended standards
  • SEMI pure water guidelines
  • ABMA guidelines
  • Primary and secondary drinking water standards
  • Surface water treatment rule
  • USP purified water standards

Many of our industrial water treatment systems feature advanced electronic options, such as:

  • Remote monitoring options
  • U.S. standard and metric readings
  • Alarm recognition
  • Historical operating data logging
  • Programmable Logic Controllers, or PLCs
  • Low-cost telemetry options, as an alternative to PLCs

Get the high-purity water you need, with Portable Exchange Deionization Service:

  • No Upfront Capital Investments
  • No Equipment Maintenance Costs
  • No Chemicals to Deal With
  • No Hazardous Waste Disposal

Get a Certified Laboratory Analysis:

Our analysis lab is certified by the EPA and utilizes the latest in technology and testing methodologies.

Expertise in Engineering:

Once we know your desired water quality, usage requirements, contaminant challenges and specific treatment needs, we can recommend the best industrial water treatment equipment for your needs. Our engineers specialize in the creation of cost effective, custom solutions for your industrial process water filtration needs. Our proprietary computer software allows us to design and develop viable industrial process water systems and evaluate service options.


Our technicians have the knowledge and experience required to perform service and maintenance on any make or model of commercial and industrial water treatment system. Whether you have a Culligan industrial water treatment system or a competitor’s, you can count on Culligan Industrial Water to provide top of the line maintenance and excellent customer service.

Ready to switch to Culligan? We have the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your industrial water filtration, purification and water softening needs. We offer state-of-the-art industrial water systems and custom engineered process water solutions to meet many treatment needs.

We are the experts in commercial/industrial water treatment.  You manage your business let us manage your water.


Advanced High Purity Technology
The standards and demands for high purity water are much stricter than those for typical drinking water. High purity water purification systems are more customized, reflecting amount of water needed, quality level required and application of the purified water.

Water Quality Standards
One of the major factors in deciding what technology to use in a high purity system is the level of purity required.


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Industrial water purification systems are more customized, reflecting amount of water needed, quality level required and application of the purified water. Locate your nearest Culligan man to get a better understanding of the technology available for high purity and special application use.

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