Industries around the world use advanced Culligan Industrial Water equipment so that high-quality water is provided and available for advanced industrial applications. Using innovative technologies, Culligan Industrial Water’s solutions and equipment improve manufacturers’ overall efficiency while making the most of their resources.

Types of Industrial Water Equipment:


Often the first stage of an industrial water filtration system will be screening. This removes larger particles from the source water. Industrial water filtration equipment can be installed at the source, to allow the water to flow at an angle over a series of screens. Debris will accumulate at the lower section of the screen, where it can periodically be removed.

Controls & Monitoring Equipment

The proper design of industrial water equipment and filtration systems must include remote monitoring devices and controls. Flow meters are installed throughout the system so that variances from the standard flows can be quickly observed, and optimum performance maintained. Hardness, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and salinity are just some of the standards that are monitored. The before and after the status of the flowing water is observed and recorded.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are employed to remove physical particles from industrial water down to as much as 20 microns. These types of industrial water equipment are designed so that there is very little pressure drop, via a series of parallel beds. Often these beds are set with distinct layers of media. Backwashing the sand removes any sediment, whereupon the unit can go back online in an as-new condition.

Reverse Osmosis

Industrial filtration using reverse osmosis (RO) components are capable of removing 99.9% of all incoming impurities. To work effectively, the source water should be properly pre-treated in accordance with the design specifications. Industrial RO systems must be designed with exactingly correct components for a properly functioning bypass and regeneration phase to be acceptable for an industrial facility. Proper monitoring of the health of the RO system is essential for the success of the industrial water treatment solution.

By constantly measuring quality and demand, the system can be appropriately and efficiently sized for each industrial facility’s needs, saving money upfront and in long-term maintenance.

Culligan Industrial Water has the advanced equipment and experts to deliver results for your plant’s specific needs!

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